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Behind Her Lens Visuals.

Behind Her Lens Visuals is a South African creative agency aimed at providing accessibility to stories that would otherwise not reach audiences and get lost in the void. Behind Her Lens Visuals doesn't only serve as a streaming site for Cinéma D’Afrique and the diaspora but it's also evolved into an agency that provides production services and curation.

Armed with the platform for audiences to visit whenever they're looking for something new and fresh, Behind Her Lens Visuals aims to introduce audiences to new and exciting stories that reflect the past, present of storytelling through a central online space.

Behind Her Lens Visuals’ owns the film festival called Reel to Reality Festival. Which is a film festival aimed at highlighting films made by students, independent and established filmmakers whose stories place a spotlight on the African diaspora. The festival seeks to bring and sustain a cinematic culture which is missing from the mainstream, a cinematic culture that highlights and celebrates authentic voices within the African diaspora.

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Twtitter: @bhlvisuals

Instagram: @behindherlensvisuals

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