Cinéma D’Afrique! 6 Films from the Great African Continent.

Cinéma D’Afrique!

Cinéma D’Afrique is high-key underappreciated on the world stage, however films from our very great and big continent have been able to capture the human experience in a unique and nuanced way, now I’m not saying that other continents and countries don’t do this but firstly I’m an African so gotta for my fellow skin-folk (I’m probably using skin-folk wrong but whatever)

Sankofa – Ethiopia

A model on a photo shoot in Ghana encounters an old mystic who transports her into the past, where she becomes a slave.

93 Days - Nigeria

Heroic health workers battle to contain a deadly Ebola outbreak when a man with symptoms arrives in Lagos, a city of over 20 million possible victims.

Keteke - Ghana

The film is set in the 1980s, when pregnant Atswei and her husband Boi are trying to reach Atswei's village so she can give birth. The only source of transportation is a weekly train that they miss, forcing them to seek alternative transportation and launching them on an impromptu adventure through rural Ghana.

You Will Die at Twenty - Sudan

A young man growing up in a small Sudanese village attempts to live his life while grappling with a holy man's prediction that he will die when he turns twenty.

Yeelen - Republic of Mali

This story revolves around a young man with magical powers, who journeys to the Malian region to seek help in order to fight against his father, a sorcerer.

Adam - Morocco

In the Medina of Casablanca, Abla, a widow and mother of an eight-year-old girl, runs a Moroccan pastry shop. When Samia, a young pregnant woman, knocks on her door, Abla has no idea that her life will change forever.