Films to Get to Know Me By (Part 1)

films to get to know me by part 1.

You know it's very hard to define a person but you can sort of get who they are by the movies they love, and i Linda Radebe creator of this blog (therefore i am G*d) are about to share with you some some films that are look into my soul.

Shrek 2

Shrek 2 is one of my earliest memories of the cinema, i remember the feeling and that's the magic and purity that inspired me to became a filmmaker.

also Shrek 2 is cinematic excellence, here is a film full of laughter, action and heart.

Malila: The Farewell Flower

it takes a lot to bring me to tears but Anucha Boonyawatana poetic meditation on grief does exactly that, it's very much a film about loss and reflection.

the texture of the cinematography and realism are also what hits you in the gut.


Queer Cinema is often framed with the lens death, sadness and all that dark stuff but here Sean Baker crafts a film that gives us a glimpse into a world we rarely see in cinema.

also it's one kick ass buddy comedy and one of the best "shot on a phone" films.


This is a Turkish delight (haha cause it's a Turkish film) but Baskin is a journey into madness and hell, it feels never-ending and that allows for the film to haunt you long after you've viewed it.


Once is one of my absolute favourites because of it's simplicity. It strips away all the glitz and glam of musicals and romance movies and delivers something unique and natural.

Our Lady of the Nile

Our Lady of the Nile is a fantastic film about a horrific real life event that happened in Rwanda. It's also a critique on the West and how they handle African suffering and essentially their hand in the many massacres that happened due to different religious beliefs.