Films to Get to Know Me By (Part 2)

films to get to know me by part 2.

If cinema was a waiting room I would never see a doctor, I would just wait there and bleed (I think this is from a song) but anyways here are some more films that one could genuinely use to blackmail me or use as a power balled to lift me up.


Here we have cinematic excellence, here we have a film full awe, genius and Amy Adams.

It's literally about a mother's love and grief but the way in which is told is brilliant, and sure there's aliens and that guy from the Avengers but that doesn't stop it from being a masterpiece.

Happy Together

Wong Kar-Wai's Happy Together is a deeply saturated film about the toxic relationship between two men, so of course I'm going to love it.

It's textured and sensual that it may feel a bit experimental but its a film whose chaos has lingered with me.


Queer Cinema directed by Marco Berger is often about men crushing on men, some homo-eroticism and bulge shots, Marco Berger teams up Martín Farina and together they deliver a film the encompasses all of that.

Taekwondo is just men being men at a retreat and the gaze the film approaches it with is full homo-eroticism.

Dog's Don't Wear Pants

This is a tough film to process, it's a film about grief but it's also a film about salvation.

There are scenes laced with so much desire, guilt and grief that I'm in awe at how the balance plays out.

Night of the Kings

African films and stories are often overlooked on the world stage, and to that I say screw the world.

Night of the Kings is stunning in every sense of the word, it really is an ode to oral story telling. It's fusion of fairy-tale and realism is absolutely captivating.

Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks is another queer film that I really and honestly truly love. It's a film that seems simple on surface but it's really layered.

There's a sensitivity to it, especially in its handling of the character's sexuality and how they deal with grief.