A House On The Bayou (2021)

A House On The Bayou.

A House On The Bayou follows a couple whose relationship is strained by infidelity and along with their teenage daughter they decide to go an vacation. And if you’ve seen this type of horror film before you know that this family’s vacation is anything but relaxing and healing.

A House On The Bayou plays very much like a drama driven horror film, where the relationships and performances are at the core, while the horror falls second. There’s a lot of marriage stuff that is spread out evenly throughout the film but there isn’t much depth to it.

I feel like the film relies too much on its environment and setting to create that ominous atmosphere that really doesn’t translate to the physical and emotional horror, the story promises. The uneasiness it meant to create, doesn’t really push forward.

I will say there’s some really nice stuff that happens in the third act, it taps into genre clichés and the thrills shine a bit and John getting eaten by a wolf is cool because the film then fully plays into its whole “what’s real and what isn’t” that its been doing here and there.

Overall, it’s all a bit predicable and it hurts that we can see the scares or lack of scares coming from a mile away. However, I will say that I really enjoyed the score and pacing of this film. The performances again were good. It’s just a film failed by its lack of genuine horror.