Antlers (2021)


Antlers is a good creature feature film, the atmosphere is really stunning and it’s pacing elevates the tension and horror, coupled with the fantastic cinematography and performances Antler’s really shines and is a must-see creature feature… however it’s a flawed film, flaws that weigh it down and muddles its essence.

Look Antlers is dark and disturbing, it does that beautifully and you just can’t keep your eyes off the screen. However, my issues are with the film’s themes…

I found them to be very surface level and not developed enough, the allegories are just I don’t know… they’re just that I guess? Antlers wants to say something about drugs and child abuse, and generation trauma, and all of this is at the tip of its tongue but for some strange reason it holds back and in doing so, the essence of the film, its core and horror as great as they are, they really could have been better and maybe even moving if it was aided by the themes.

The stuff is there, Antlers just doesn’t go there with it, I mean generational trauma coupled with a Native American spirit? That’s the jackpot but you know, you get what you get. And what we got isn’t bad, I was highly entertained and it’s a quick film, literally under two years, how awesome.

But the horror of it all? That’s fantastic especially the body horror. It’s disturbing and disgusting, giving us everything we need in creature feature horror films. This part of it is satisfying. And it knows when to disturb and when to disgust which I found pleasing, I could literally smell the stench in some scenes and that’s wonderful.

Overall, Antlers is a decent film that needed work on its human drama in order for the horror to fully strike at the core. Aided by stellar performances from Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons and Jeremy T. Thomas, Antlers avoids being silly and is instead a small atmospheric horror film, that’s disturbing in all the right places other than the themes of course. It could have easily fallen into the pits of bad but the control and understanding of its genre helps it stay afloat even if the characters and their themes needed more, this film is one of the better horror features of 2021.