Army of Thieves (2021)

Army of Thieves.

Army of Thieves is a fun little heist film that’s a definite step up from Army of the Dead. Here the film moves with a certain confidence and charm that the world building just seems effortless. Though Army of Thieves dances in the pools of clichés and is also dipping its little toes in genre tropes, it does however attempt to make them feel fresh.

The film wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t for the cast who have magnificent chemistry, and I personally would love if Nathalie Emmanuel became the new action cinema IT girl. Matthias Schweighöfer’s film however does lack a little seriousness, and it plays it too relaxed, and it’s this chilled vibe that sees the film border on being too long. The charm tends to wear off, but the editing is kind of slick and that is enough to keep you engaged.

The cop character wasn’t a great adversary if you ask me, I mean the whole law enforcement part added nothing of substance to the film and weighed it down. The character himself was just way too over the top, and really annoying, like I wasn’t even scared for our guys because imagine being caught by that clown?

And just as a reminder Matthias Schweighöfer and the rest of the cast do a wonderful job, they sell you on every little cliché they’re supposed to be, and I really hope to see them in future installments of this franchise.

Overall, if you’re a fan of heist films, you’re going to enjoy this film that doesn’t rely much on the previous film in this franchise but builds a world of its own, a world where it’s self-aware, cool, and dangerous with a wonderfully score that just heightens the experience.