Bruised (2021)


Bruised is a sports film starring Halle Berry (who by the way also directs it) as a former MMA Champion who has to get back into the ring, and blah blah blah, you've seen it before and it follows a very basic formula of these combat sports type films. With Bruised I feel like Berry was making a case of why Hollywood shouldn't forget that she can still deliver intense dramatic performances, rather than a case for her skills as a director.

Hey look there isn't much to really say about Bruised, its a very uneven film that really struggles to juggle all that it's trying to talk about. Halle Berry struggles to have a main point of focus in the film as its director, she shifts the focus between her character's struggle in the ring and her character's struggle as a mother, while never really nailing down perfect execution for both, thus leaving the film jarring and uneven.

There's a few moments of brilliance in Halle's direction, like how she chose to film certain fights and certain dramatic moments where really well done but these moments are heavily out numbered by the unevenness of Bruised, and its rather subpar script.

Overall Bruised is a mostly forgettable uneven film with a stellar performance from its lead but that's not enough star power from Halle Berry to carry the film through its trying times as it tries to find its balance.