Dune (2021)


How you Dune-ing? Get it? Nope? Alright let’s move along then… one of 2020’s wait I mean 2021’s most hotly anticipated films finally dropped and boy what a cinematic experience that eventually runs its course.

Denis Villeneuve’s take on the apparently very hard to adapt “Dune” finally hit the big screens and like promised in the promotional material this film was a visual spectacular. It’s a film so visually epic that it swallows you up, and not just you but the story as well because in it’s entire two and a half hours of run time, we spend about 60 to 75 minutes watching immense world building and characters plotting for stuff that’s essentially going to happen in part two.

Now don’t get me wrong I love every visual moment, but Dune would have been a perfect film if it didn’t feel like the characters and story were swept up in this big universe being created, it’s a universe that juggles so much from faith to colonialism, so yes sometimes it does feel like all that weight crashes down on its characters. Thematically Denis Villeneuve presents us with a very thin film, it’s just laying the groundwork for what is sure to be a great payoff in part two.

Overall, for me I found Dune to be a visual thrill that could have done more work on its story and characters in this film rather than focusing on building towards a sequel, because it could have been a truly epic film. There are certain moments of brilliance where the intimacy and drama truly shine and that’s what we need more of in part two.