King Richard (2021)

King Richard.

King Richard places focus on Richard Williams, played by Will Smith. The film itself is well crafted and has genuine moments of sincerity that strike at your core as an individual watching this somewhat inspiring story, that in my honest opinion could have been told from different perspective but that's all right I guess.

Like with most films of this genre, King Richard chronicles the hardships and whatever else happens in sports film before the rise to stardom of probably the greatest sports people in history. However the film focuses this rags to riches on the Williams' sisters father Richard, who is tough, and loving but the film shows us his imperfections.

Imperfections that don't really land for me due to the predictability and one noted performance of Will Smith, who doesn't add much depth and sincerity to character but I feel like he's crushed by the weight of the man his playing, the balance between tough and overbearing coach and loving father is lost in Smith's performance.

The story is another sports inspirational story, and here the approach to focus on Richard Williams is alright if only the lead was better. HOWEVER, the cast around Smith do wonderful and vulnerable work that really highlights the story and emotional journey of these tennis legends, shout out to Aunjanue Ellis man, what a performance and the young actresses Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney who play Serena and Venus are stars, absolute stars.

Overall for me King Richard is an above average sports film, that highlights the man behind the Williams sisters. A film that has a few bright spots but they're not bright enough to linger with you long after viewing.