Luca (2021)


Luca is a sweet film, like a warm summer hug and maybe an allegory for queerness but man to me this is a wonderful film that feels nostalgic like an old Italian film.

Luca's visuals to me are magic, the use of colour is glorious. it just screams summer magic and friendship, the voice cast are wonderful and the emotions on the characters are just bravo!!

Here is a film that isn't as profound as some might want or even a tearjerker but how can you not be moved by this friendship we witness here.

It’s got a lot going on beneath the surface, it's a coming of age film that's heartwarming and seeks to remind us about the magic of friendship, and it didn't have to break our hearts or be something completely ambitious to do that.

Luca expresses itself and message with pure summer magic with plenty of heart and charm, and for me that's why it works because too often i found pixar films to be idk a bit off, and Luca simply just is... it simply a film about friendship and summer and underneath all that lays a message that many children will be touched by.

And it's within the simplicity of it that we find the profoundness i feel, and how beautiful man.