No Time to Die (2021)

No Time to Die.

Daniel Craig’s final Bond film is a suitable farewell full of all the classic James Bond markers and emotive high stakes of the Craig run. The experience is especially better if you’re familiar with the previous Daniel Craig 007 films. A visually stunning blockbuster film with some beautiful locations. There’s a great energy to the action sequences that just sweep you off your feet and the are some amazing shots and camerawork at play here.

The Craig films are serialized and that’s not a bad thing, its good and it allows for a whole lotta things to happen, here the emotions and relationships at play are developed wonderfully but they could have been better if they were focused more, and the run time was trimmed heavily to allow for the film to have a natural flow that doesn’t dip in energy and only picks up during action sequences.

As fun as No Time to Die is, the film is a bit long winded. The runtime almost reaches for three hours, and there’s nothing in the film the justifies its run time. No Time to Die can also at times be very uneven and tonal shifts can be jarring but man the first hour is fantastic and that’s when your attention is truly grabbed, and you’re reminded why you love James Bond or rather you’re reminded why classic action cinema will always be the best.

No Time to Die, like many espionage films has a love story playing alongside the espionage parts but here I found it to be bitter, the film tries a bit much and I found it to be slightly heavy handed and I wasn’t sure if the film was trying to deal with Bond’s grief and heartbreak from Casino Royale so that he could move on or was it trying to tie up loose ends in the emotional journal of Bond and it had nothing to do with romance. Either way I didn’t vibe with it much and there's this melodrama that goes way over the usual Bond limit but as a fan of melodrama, I kinda liked it but some might not like that vibe.

I really don’t have much to say other than that it was a decent enough goodbye to Daniel Craig and personally I can’t wait to see where the franchise goes next.