Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice.

"Ed Sheeran, who knew?"

Red Notice is your typical Netflix blockbuster that they’ve sort of become specialized in, a soulless numb film that offers you thrills and explosions but doesn’t really hit the notes it is aiming for. Though Red Notice is beautifully paced, the film suffers from being overstuffed and just runs a tad bit longer than it should.

Featuring big names like DC Comic’s Black Adam and Wonder Woman aka Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, plus the one note Ryan Reynolds. Red Notice fails to fully tap into their talents, Reynold’s who is usually funny-ish in a “he’s done this before” kind of why, here is rather below average and the comedic delivery falls flat. Dwayne Johnson has a certain stiffness in this film and isn’t the action star who we’ve come to love, while Gal Gadot who I’m assuming was meant to be the sexy to the men’s “cool” delivers a sexy-ish bad-assery I want to say but it’s not a sexy that makes you want to come back for seconds. Like Johnson, she’s a stiff and her femme fatale character like most of the characters in the film is one dimensional.

The twists and turns are alright for the type of film it is.

Though the film globe trots and goes to jungles and underground criminal parties, there’s no real sense of excitement. Even with its buddy comedy elements Red Notice only manages one or two moments where you can say “that was funny”, the others fall flat and loses any real sense of fun. I mean there is some enjoyment to it, like shut off and go numb enjoyment but even that isn’t that much of a good time. However, I did enjoy the third act and thought that it was most fun out of the whole film. I just hate how it set's up a sequel though.