The Feast (2021)

The Feast.

What a lovely little surprise… The Feast follows a young woman who is hired to be a waitress at a dinner party for a wealthy family in the Welsh mountains, and as these types of films tend to go, somebody dies.

The Feast utilizes dread beautifully, the slow burn tension sinks its teeth into your skin and creeps you out from the word go. The film intrigues in first act, the framing and design of it are some of the best moments within the film.

The Feast is also one of those films that perfectly uses negative space to add layer to the already unsettling environment. An environment that becomes even more chilling when gross-food-horror moments are thrown at you, the intensity in those moments made me feel trapped and kinda hungry if I have to be honest.

The last act of The Feast is dreamy-like violent mess, and it will divide audiences I think, they will be those who absolutely love the wacky chaos, and there will be those who hate it because it doesn’t away with the tone established earlier on. Personally, I’m not sure If I liked the ending or not but I will say I highly enjoyed myself.

Overall, The Feast is film that seeks to play with your senses focusing more on the technical aspects to tell the story rather than the actual story. Like it doesn’t make you want to care enough for the characters, I mean there’s a drug addict, one has body dysmorphia, and the couple well… let’s not talk about what they don’t want out, so I guess it does suffer in that regard. However, its style has some substance, and it does keep you engaged and tuned into the mess.