The Green Knight (2021)

The Green Knight.

"Green is what is left when ardor fades, when passion dies, when we die, too."

From its opening scenes of Dev’s head bursting into flames, we already get sense what kind of film David Lowery’s “The Green Knight,” is going to be. a surreal tone is set and the atmosphere is chilling, and here be knights.

The Green Knight transports you into a world we’ve seen before in countless of films but none of those films were this poetic. David Lowery takes a different route in tackling themes in this Arthurian film, i found it to be a film that sort of reworks the journey of the hero and audiences expectations of such a story.

there’s a lot that i loved about it and how it approached them themes of heroism, temptation and maybe masculinity.

the religious parts of it excited me because i really felt like the film was low-key talking about the fall of paganism and the rise of Christianity, and there’s moments here and there in the film that highlight this. and I’m sure after a couple more re-watches I’ll spot more signs but man this film is one that lasts and sticks with you.

The film really plays like a poem because it’s essentially this journey following, Gawain, going to meet his fate but the actual journey is just filled with so much mess that it leaves Gawain disoriented or exhausted but it’s a journey that slowly morphs into an emotional journey and when he finally reaches his end, those sequences are enthralling.

David Lowery to me understood that there isn’t much happening here, so he used the technical to add meat and weight to get a really fantastic surreal film about heroism/knights. composer Daniel Hart did some wonderful work because i remember just being so engaged by the score but one of the many aces in the film is cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo’s work.

The imagery moves effortlessly between between dreamscape and nature, the fluidity of it allows for the images to have so much depth and the colours are just wonderful and the green of course just pops and like Vikander says “red is the colour of lust, but green is what lust leaves behind, in heart, in womb.”

And she goes on and on but you get a real sense of the power of green and in this context the earth and how after all said and done, after all the heroes have won their battles and their tales told, after we’ve all died and so our legends, the one true thing that will always remain is green, is the earth.

And it’s such a powerful moment because we realise how insignificant we are, and we see that in this film through the cinematography.

It’s definitely going to be different things for different people in terms of interpretation and for me it’s all about realising that whatever/whoever we become it’s all insignificant compared to the power and mystery of the green, and also maybe the chaos of life.

Also p.s Dev Patel is mesmerizing and so is Sarita Choudhury.