The Harder They Fall (2021)

The Harder They Fall.

The Harder They Fall is a film that’s sold by its visuals and sound, a revenge western film that takes on an awesome journey that would otherwise have failed if Jeymes Samuel’s score and Mihai Mălaimare Jr’s cinematography didn’t deliver and match the boldness of the characters. Because The Harder They Fall is a film that has these elements done perfectly but it fails in allowing each essential character room to shine, while not also fully developing the narrative.

Though The Harder They Fall does have plenty of action and stare downs, it’s got those epic shoot-outs and fight sequences that will capture your eye. Much like the cast who do a wonderful job and bring alive these iconic black western characters, even though the writing and direction decides to favour others and ignore some. Some characters don’t connect with us as much as they should have because they aren’t fleshed out more and it would have been wonderful to watch them get developed further and that's the same with the narrative, which I feel is efficient although to a point but it could have been fleshed out more, to give us a layered piece of revenge film.

The score and soundtrack are stand outs because of their ability to heighten the scenes and make what would be an average chase into something phenomenal. Overall, The Harder They Fall is an energetic revenge western film that’s a bit lengthy because it is VERY talky, but here it wasn’t that bad because it allowed for the melodramatic parts of the film to shine. However, it did make the film drag a bit once we reached the second act. Visually captivating but narrative wise could done with some work but that doesn’t stop it and you from having one hell of a horse ride. Where the soundtrack and visuals get you into it and you're up rooting for the heroes in the final showdown.