The Spine of Night (2021)

The Spin of Night.

“We merely stand at the threshold between men and gods.”

The Spine of Night is a violently awesome high-fantasy adult animation about the corruption of men by dark magic. It’s about the darkness swallowing that tiny bit of light left in a ruthless world, and despite the light’s rage and fight against the darkness… hope is always swallowed up.

The Spine of Night likes to think of itself as maybe an anthology film but that’s not what it is at its spine (see what I did there? Ha-ha) but it isn’t as smooth in the transitioning of tales, and that isn’t a bad thing because here these tales keep us engaged and entertained.

The animation style is a choice, I mean it works well in engage the nostalgia and the retro vibe is very fitting. Some of the frames are very beautiful, painting-esque even especially the backgrounds but there’s a ruggedness to the style that doesn’t allow for the smoothness that the story requires.

And because the imagery isn’t moving as smooth, it allows for the issues of the story to even be more glaring, you as we progress, we see just how muddle the story is, and how themes do get lost within all the gore and blood. You also realise the lack of fully developed characters that we should care about or root for.

Overall, The Spine of Night is an entertaining adult animated feature, that makes you crave more when it comes to its world building and myth. However, it leaves a lot to be desired in it’s animation style which favours nostalgia over smoothness.