Zeros And Ones (2021)

Zeros And Ones.

Zeros And Ones is politically charged dark and grainy film, that immerses itself in its character’s quest to stop a tragic event from happening. Abel Ferrara crafts a film that is personal and yet, I don’t know very isolated? And yes, I know Abel made this film during quarantine, but it doesn’t feel like a pandemic quarantine film you know?

Visually the film needs some light, Sean Price William fills the images with so much darkness and the grainy texture adds to the film’s documentary feel almost? Guerilla filmmaking fans are going to love the aesthetics of this one.

Narratively the film can be a bit jarring, it wants you piece together these little moments here and there, moments that are in fact pretty big. Moments that tie together religion and terrorism. Even though that isn’t said blatantly said but for me the implication is there, and Ethan Hawke playing an American soldier who has to stop the Vatican from being blown up also say a lot about the stuff the film wants to say but doesn’t really.

Also the film is a reminder that though the pandemic might have slowed things down? the evils of man hasn't stopped and won't stop, pandemic or not.

Overall, Zeros And Ones will appeal to Abel Ferrara fans and maybe gain him new ones as it’s a journey into night and terrorism. Our hero finds himself in conversations with various people in various locations, which does nothing more than to highlight what Abel is really thinking about in the real and show off his skills as a director but the film itself never fully manages to say anything that its about, am I making sense?