Ambulance (2022)


Ambulance is a Michael Bay film through and through, the film is just chaotic and from a visual perspective that's fine because who doesn't love a little Bayhem? but from a story perspective, it's not the kind of chaos that would make it great. The characters are so thinly written, and though Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza González do a good job in their roles. There's only so much they can do with bad dialogue that sometimes hits the mark when it's being funny.

The moral compasses of these characters are so confusing lmfaooooo I really don’t understand them at all, they're such flip-floppers and I know people are complicated but here their complexities aren't developed well enough for me. The plot progression was dreadful, I mean it could have been better but this is a Bayhem film so I got what I got and that's enough.

Some of the action sequences aren’t as slick as you’d come to expect from a Michael Bay film or rather, they’re only shown to us halfway or towards the end of the action and not from the beginning so we’re not really drawn into them. Like seeing a shot of a car exploding without really seeing how it got to that point can be a bit annoying but I guess meticulous details aren't on the agenda for Micheal "The King of Mayhem" Bay.

Okay, with that said I really enjoyed the ride that Micheal took me on, the head scratch moments are really not something I'll hate the movie on cause sometimes some movies don't like logic. The ride was a thrilling man, there was chaos at almost every turn, and it really didn't slow down at all.

The spleen sequence is absolutely one of the finest works Micheal “The King of Mayhem" will probably ever do. Everything in the sequences just works and the intensity is at a level that's where the film is meant to be.

Overall Ambulance is peak Bayhem complete with the epic car chases, badly written characters, and dialogue blah blah but …. however, it suffers from a few inconsistencies thanks to how it’s edited but those inconsistencies aren’t enough to disengage you from this epic ride and it’s genuinely funny. A little more refinement and I'm sure the king of Mayhem will give us a masterpiece that's sure to cement his place in cinematic history.