Moonfall (2022)


Moonfall's director Roland Emmerich is no stranger to sci-fi disaster films, I mean his best film is Independence Day, and since then he's been trying to capture the magic he once captured with his magnum opus, and with Moonfall he could have succeeded seeing as the film has some really interesting concepts. However to fails to deliver on them, these very big and interesting ideas are minimized and I blame the writing, and directing and their lack of focus.

Moonfall is a cheese factory, so much so that the cheesiness of it stops being cringe half way through the film because I had gotten used it. The film fails majorly in the writing, there's lack of depth in the characters, they're very much predictable and lack the complexities that make people authentic and interesting to watch. In this instance the characters are all very bleh despite charming performances from Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry. There's forced emotional connection and forced humour.

Forming part of it's failure is how the scenes are placed, and how some of them are paced. The writers do this very weird thing in their more "intimate"/"human"? scenes of trying to emphasize (heavily might I add) on human connection in order to create depth (which was never established). This forced connection is off-putting, and these scenes are placed weirdly throughout the film. And sometimes right after or even in between moments where there's supposed to be high tension, high stakes because well the sky is falling. This creates a slightly jarring feel, however its usually counterbalanced by some vfx that deserve some awards or something.

When it comes to the disaster stuff, the film will not disappointed but it just feels so small and ridiculous, despite the destruction happening on a global (and lunar) scale. Yet, somehow I found myself entertained and wanting more of this world and these ideas introduced, I want to see how this ends or where else is this world going to go.

Overall, Moonfall is ridiculous, cheesy, full of destruction and just downright its bad but yet its so good. It's a film that doesn't require much from you because it doesn't give you much. Everything is surface level, and it moves wonderfully in terms of overall pacing. You won't feel bored, and that's partly thanks to the visuals, they are this film's best parts. There's images you won't forget, destruction sequences that are so great, you'd wish that the rest of the film was like that. I actually encourage people to support this film so that we can get more, it's the kind of dump film that society needs right now, a don't think just watch this messy chaotic destruction filled film. And maybe if this film is a success, we'd get better made original big science fiction epics that arent already established IPs.