Silverton Siege (2022)

Silverton Siege.

Sliverton Siege is an interesting action thriller, for one it works brilliantly on the hostage thriller front. The action is plenty and evenly laid out and magnificently done, The performances are also good, I really enjoyed Thabo Rametsi and definitely want to see him do more action films, Noxolo Dlamini really is the one.

The impressive thing about Silverton Siege is the set design and how authentically it captures Apartheid Pretoria, the whole production really is stunning. You can tell that they paid careful attention to detail and really wanted to capture the atmosphere of that era visually.

I enjoyed the lighting work and cinematography. I loved the birds eye view shots. The cinematography really spoke to the hostage/action/thriller side of it and when you add the editing the whole thing just works. Silverton Siege visually is wonderful, and it’s level of visual intrigue and intensity is enough to keep you entertained.

...while on the other hand it’s political themes are somewhat not completely there for me. Though I will applaud the film in introducing me to a historical event that happened in my homeland, and home city that I didn't know about. And it's for this reason that films like this are important, films that highlight important, yet somewhat forgotten parts of history.

As I was saying... The political part of the film lacks the intrigue and thrill provided by the action portions of it. Though based somewhat on a true story, there isn’t any realism to the political aspects of it and when you look at it being set during Apartheid South Africa I found Silverton Siege to lack in the depth of dealing with that era. I think a little bit of grounding it in humanism and realism would have done wonders for the film.

Because it gets tricky when you’re trying to balance politics, racism, and identity among others. I felt like the nuances of the setting and themes get lost, they’re shown but then they get hidden again in favour of the action and that for me creates an imbalance. Also, all of these themes and character work are all surface level for me.

I kinda I have a weird thing about the white female bank teller Christine, I have a tough time believing her and that she’d be the white people’s voice of reason and this is what I mean by the nuances get lost because this also creates an imbalance with the characters when it comes to their characterisations.

The way that Christine’s arc ends makes her into some sort of hero which completely undermines and overshadows the hostage takers main goals and what they’re trying to achieve and their fight.

Overall, Silverton Siege is an imbalanced political hostage thriller (?) film that does well in the hostage part of the film with the right amounts of action and thrills but fails in the politics and themes as they lack the depth and nuances to really be impactful to the viewer. Will still recommend though just for the amazing production quality, cast and action sequences.