The 355 (2022)

The 355.

You were beaten by a bunch of girls…

The 355 is exactly what the doctor ordered for me, especially in these last two years of cinema. Where things have been uninspired and I’m not saying “The 355” is inspired or whatever, it’s very basic. However, it’s a basic film that’s all about escapism into this generic action-packed world of spies that doesn’t require much from you other than to root for its female centric characters who are so bad ass… and obviously I was rooting for my girls who eventually became besties, and we all know friendship makes the world turn.

When you look at action cinema in the last decade or two, how many films can you actually say were inspired and reinvented the action or spy genre wheel? I mean I can’t think of any, and if you can, good for you. Because “The 355” is a film that lets you know from the get-go that it’s going to be generic, its going to be slightly silly and over the top but overall, it’s going to be tons of fun, and that’s all it is, nothing more, nothing less other than straightforward action packed fun. It didn’t present itself as something meant to be ground-breaking, it just wanted you to watch these women from different races and nationalities kick ass.

Oh, and yes please compare it to the very few female-led action films, we know how women love to be pitted against each other.

I found “The 355” to be a solid spy-action film, though flawed the film understands its genre and clichés and plays into that, though not too heavily like millions of its male-led counter parts but in just the right doses to allow for total escapism. However, I do feel like if the film had a deeper understanding of its genre, we would have gotten a much stronger film.

Because there’s a scene right in the beginning of the third act where Nick (Sabastian Stan), captures our heroines and I won’t spoil it for you, but that scene shows the film “The 355” could have been... and without compromising on the “fun-ness” of the film, while slightly adding a tone to the film that kinda adds texture to these characters and world.

I feel like “The 355” will become a street classic, but all I’m saying is that “The 355” is very straight forward and clear in what it presents to us. Overall, a solid film that showed me a good time, the chase sequences, the spy craft, the action sequences are wonderfully paced, I didn’t feel the run time and I didn’t mind that this film had moments that weren’t needed. Also, this concept could easily be a really good miniseries, however the movie works for, I would love some sequels.