The Batman (2022)

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The Batman.

"I'm Vengeance"

Matt Reeves really put the "detective" in Detective Comics with his take on the iconic comic book character, the Batman. Reeves gives us a noir crime thriller that's drenched in rain, darkness and violence. It's also really sexy, and finally a Batman movie for gays and girls!

Also don't know what to say about this film because I LOVED IT.

We're finally given the detective version of the character on the big screen, who by day is just a really angst-y sad boy and by night, an angst-y sad boy in a bat costume trying to save Gotham through his own special brand of justice called vengeance. The world here and the psychology of the characters are so compelling, Reeves really dives in-depth with the characterization of his world and characters. We really do end up knowing who everyone is and what their point of views and morals are.

I love the fact that Bruce Wayne's choice to become the Caped Crusader and bring vengeance to his crime infested city is essentially a catalyst for some of the villains in rogues gallery. After some *movie magic* Batman sees the flaw in his vengeance plan, and there's hope in him by the end, a hope that he can actually succeed in saving Gotham and it won't be easy but there's hope.

And there's also people like The Riddler, who is just a stunning character by the way and Paul Dano does amazing in the role. Riddler feels like him and Mr. Vengeance are basically besties because they're both fighting crime, this relationship is well done.

The film for me isn't long, I mean I didn't even feel it's length. Is there some stuff that could have been left out? sure but the complaints about it's length from certain critics is a bit hypocritical for me because these are the same people who praised the lengths of the last two mehvengers films and those films were long, they were talking about this allowed them to flesh out the characters and blah blah so I don't know why Batman is all of a sudden catching smoke. Hell one of this years best picture nominees is a three hour film. So what is the actual truth? do we love or hate "long" films?

Anyways... I really enjoyed this film and it's well made, with awesome characters. I think because it's more of a noir thriller and not your typical superhero film this might turn some people off but a good movie is a good movie, and you really can't go wrong with a depressed Batman making out with a sexy thief.

Overall, The action sequences are stellar, and aided by the wonderful sound design which really transports you into this broken down mess of a city plus the amazing score, The Batman is a thrilling ride into this new chapter of the Dark Knight.