Thor: Love & Thunder (2022)

Thor: Love & Thunder.

Thor: Love & Thunder is just meaningless, like I wasn’t bored by it or anything because there were moments where I chuckled and thought “hmmm kinda cool” but like it’s title character it’s a film that’s a little bit lost and just trying to figure out who it is within the MCU as a whole, and right now it’s just aimlessly wandering and hoping we don’t notice (some might say that’s been the theme of phase 4 but that’s a different chat).

I mean it’s not a long film, but it feels long and cramped. I was annoyed at how vibrant this film was but yet dull at the same time that left me baffled because it’s visually unengaging. even the sequence in the shadow realm left me underwhelmed. the film has these ideas about love and death, but it doesn’t seem to know what to do with them, they seem to be competing with each other, and that creates this tonal shift that can be unsettling, and maybe that’s why the film overcompensates with the humour.

I enjoyed seeing Portman’s return and Bale was even though I knew Gorr could have been taken to an even darker path. I love how the film tackles Thor’s relationships with his weapons, unlike how it tackled his relationship with Jane, there was a complete lack of depth and nuance, nothing real enough for me to resonate with.

Thor is promised to return but maybe they should find a way to reboot the character again, or at least give him something for audience to emotionally resonate with, we’ve laughed with him, and this was a perfect opportunity for us to love/mourn with him but yet it all just fell flat.

overall Thor: Love & Thunder is forgettable, felt like the MCU just didn’t know what to do with the character and where to take him next, it has moments where you think it might dig deep and show you it’s heart, but you end up hearing screaming goats instead, goats that are apparently meant to make you laugh. But, in the end it’s all pointless… meaningless.