Uncharted (2022)


Ruben Fleischer is no stranger to directing big Hollywood blockbuster's having done Zombieland and it's sequel, plus the superhero or rather anti-superhero film Venom. Both films packing charm and some humour, so it was really surprising to see that Uncharted had no charm what's so ever, and the humour that's there is just very flat and even when it does land, it has no impact at all.

Uncharted is based of a video game, and not being a gamer I was not familiar with the characters or world. The film follows Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland as he has to team up with Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) as they race against the bad guys in order to find a long lost treasure. The writing of Uncharted in my opinion fails to win the hearts of audience members who aren't familiar with the world, it's another heartless blockbuster and that's a real shame because it had Tom Holland who really can connect with the audience on an emotional level but the material he was given didn't allow any of that to shine.

The film despite having Tom Holland try his upmost best to bring a level of emotional depth that the film so desperately needs, it's just not enough to save this uninspired film. Uncharted is just a really forgettable film, it had so much potential to be a swashbuckling adventure but it ignores its potential and goes for the more predictable and flat route that many blockbusters seem to go for these days *coughs in MC--*.

The writing is really questionable, some of the jokes are really bad, like they're on the level of dad jokes or even uncle jokes but actually they might be worse. There's no real sense of character progression and emotional growth for anyone in the film, some of the motivations are well there's no motivations, these people are just that way and it does not work for this film.

The casting for this is really unfortunate because to me these characters were just miscast and it was plain to see. Mark just doesn't have the charm or swag to be a Victor Sullivan, Mark's delivery of certain jokes and lines felt very amateur hour and I kinda wished they had gotten I don't know someone like John Cena, hell anyone but Mark because he's performance in this was not good. Tati Gabrielle was another miscast, I mean she's totally badass in the film but I still somehow did not believe her, and I don't know if that speaks to her performance or what. And finally, Tom, our hero, who despite his best efforts there's just something off at times. Throughout the whole film I kept thinking that Tom is too youthful and how he played Nathan was just okay but there was something missing and he knew that because the writing really fails him but also, there's a certain level of charisma that Tom doesn't have or rather he did not bring to the role.

Overall, Uncharted will surely be forgotten in a few months because it fails in delivering a thrilling enjoyable ride. The writing wastes so much potential and the cast are rather "dead behind the eyes" for the most part and the whole thing for me just lacked fun. However it does move really quick so I guess the pacing and the airplane sequence are the one thing it got right.... I guess, well at least there's that. But also in all honesty, I wasn't bored but I was more upset at all the potential wasted.