El Cazador (Young Hunter) (2020)

Young Hunter.

Marco Berger, one of my favourite filmmakers returns with another stunning piece on sexual exploration but this time Berger goes darker than he's ever gone before. In El Cazador (Young Hunter) Fifteen-year-old Ezequiel (Juan Pablo Cestaro) is on a journey to explore his sexuality, and with his parents away now seems as good a time as any but beware of the predator young Ezequiel for they're always on the prowl. it's a sensitive film that studies Ezequiel and his sexual journey but it also looks at the dark predatory side that Ezequiel falls into and how in order to survive he has to become a "hunter". Berger's familiar art-cinema style is ever present but he experiments a bit with genre here and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it does feel a bit repetitive sometimes.

It almost felt like Berger didn't trust us enough to get the film so he had to keep repeating certain motives throughout the film, even with these flaws its still a fantastic film. Cinematographer Mariano De Rosa uses widescreen lenses and blurs the backgrounds, placing focus sorely on the characters, mainly a brooding Ezequiel. Berger gives us a dark, thriller with his signature homo-erotica vibes with help from De Rosa's camerawork and Pedro Irusta's ominous score only adds to the thriller tension filled layers. Marco Berger turns El Cazador into a thriller after dealing with the exploration of sexual identity first. El Cazador has a pretty good script, with well-defined and multifaceted characters who above all else are vulnerable even in the face of danger and that's what i love about Marco Berger's work, he has an amazing ability to truly say what he wants to say and he takes his time with it. fantastic.