Omar (2013)


Omar tells the story of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the Palestinian pov, a film that has drama, a bit of action mixed in with betrayal and a love story.

A film full of terror but also beauty... the imagery feels simplistic but there's so much tension captured, and the complexities of the emotions at play are only further elevated by the magnificent cast.

Abu-Assad shows us where his sympathies are, his characters and situations are so complex and human, we see the damage the of war and occupation does to Palestinians. The film is very much tragic but I couldn't help but root for Omar, who is sick of being humiliated and abused by the apartheid state, yet he knows he has to play a certain game with them in order to survive.

Omar is one of those films that everyone should see should when it comes to the occupation of Palestine by Israel. Like I said the film is tragic and it's also violent but the violence is very ambiguous and walks on a certain morality line that it sometimes leaves you shaken.